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Feb 4, - Great gameplay, great sex scenes and images. with Temptation, more immersive, more erotically charged, but Eleanor is a great game. middle slightly to the left) where it has a scale from 0-Dirty whore or Loving wife.

Lesson Of Passion – Eleanor 2 – Version 1.21 + Cheats

No questions and no consequences. Get to the erotic corners of your mind and do things that are impossible in the real life. Try not to cum.

wife eleanor loving

Virtual loviny party with XXX to download free xxx games 3d xxx games xxx video games reality xxx games xxx quest games. Internet XXX online xxx games mobile eleanor loving wife games multiplayer games xxx xxx games for android.

wife eleanor loving

But, the story line is a bit dull. Very nice naughty girl story. Model is very appropriate.

wife eleanor loving

Takes me some qife to find out how to seduce her, but it was great to finally do it: Gosh that was awesome,amazing graphics but i couldnt hear eleanor loving wife background sounds? And i couldnt go anal either Nice graphigs, but the loading is still long, continue like this! Very good game, eleanor loving wife makes you try all the options to elranor the outcome of each one.

Great game with a hot chick. At first it is hard but incest sex porn a eleanor loving wife it gets easier: Hot girl good sex scenes.

Now i wanna see the other games that have Eleanor. Amazing game with amazing graphics the only bad thing is the sounds. I really needed the walk through but this is seriously erotic and the artwork eleanor loving wife brilliant.

Its a hot game although no story and its just one sexual encounter. The section where you take her from behind looks fantastic - one of my all time favourites.

loving wife eleanor

Xxx games porn its tough to get ultimate! Eleanor is so hot Wlfe cant help myself I wish the other games would be like this. Eleanor eleanor loving wife so hot that I cant help myself?? The graphics in this game were amazing, i really felt like i was there.

The animations seemed flawless.

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TBH, i think this is one of the sexiest games on this site. I am truly amazed. I was not expecting such a great game from hearing the backstory.

loving wife eleanor

Amazing game as ever, anything that has Eleanor in is surely the best quality there is, first time playing it and thanks oba12-mf eleanor loving wife comments already got Ultimate Date, thanks!!

Lovong game, thank you! I also noticed, during fuck scene, that the dick moves differently somehow, out of synch with the belly.

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This is a great game! I love how interactive it is and the graphics are great! Elenor is eleanor loving wife really hot chick, and I have played all her games. Lovig is really well drawn and is one of the best characters in the collection.

Love this games artwork and animation.

wife eleanor loving

My first game of this style made me register right away. To get Eleanor to do weirder eleanor loving wife you have to make her swallow the ecstasy pill before moving on to the sex scene. Figure the rest out eleanor loving wife wief own!

I really enjoyed this game. The artwork is top notch, and I love all the Eleanor stories. Graphics are great, and the gameplay is terrific.

loving wife eleanor

One of my favorites. Please help me if you know how to get further.

ELEANOR LOVING WIFE OR DIRTY WHORE LOP Erotic Flash Game hot babe, dirty whore, loving wife, erotic flash game, porn game, walktrought Expand.

Porn puzzle of the best games on this site. Kinda hope the point system was a little more challenging though. Gameplay is easy,just click your choosen comments and find the right Hot Spots eleanor loving wife come to the finish. Great game, played couple times already and keep getting surprises! Eleanor is my favorite girl out of any of their games.

wife eleanor loving

Alice's mood -5 That's okay. I really appreciate that.: Are you Erra about a little romance with a hot latino guy?: Let's forget llving that bitch.

loving wife eleanor

I really hate her.: Alice's mood -5 Alice, lpving could be our secret. No one will ever find out.: Click eleanor loving wife her thigh, the one that she shows, and stay clicked to fill up the gauge.

wife eleanor loving

Click on her knee, and stay clicked to fill up the gauge. Click on her breast, at your left, and stay clicked to fill free hardcore porn the gauge. Click on her mouth and stay clicked to eleanor loving wife up the gauge. Click on her pussy and rleanor clicked to fill up the gauge.

Lessonofpassion – Johnny Bullet

If Alice weared the bride dress: Ending 5 If not Ending 3. Alice's husband find about her romance. You fucked Alice, but you were unable to do the full photo shoot and Lisa was never angry.

If you want more you know eleanor loving wife to find me", when you met Alice again.

loving wife eleanor

Click on one of the banner below and test a porn game. Latest news - This website alien porn game for adults only - Please, test the game above. Ad for a game site: Ad for a website with games: Eleanor loving wife can also click on the banner below, to get more eleanor loving wife from the same team paysite. Alice's mood -5 Thank you Alice. Alice's mood -2 What kind of pictures?

Alice's mood Sure, do you want to start right now?: Alice's mood -5 Don't worry.

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Alice's mood -5 Take your time baby, there's no need to rush.: Alice's mood -5 I'm glad to hear that. Alice's mood Do you want to continue? ImAllenDarsRaku07 and 1 other person like this.

Eleanor loving wife 13, ZackJun 13, Jul 19, Is there a link to a non-torrent version? Cause if so That would make me very happy, thank you. Jul 25, D3M45TJul 25, KrullJul 25, ImAllenXandozzarCirro84 and 1 other person like this.

Aug 21, I'm having issues trying to download link. Then you can revive your neglected eleanor loving wife and invite your husband for a romantic drink run or rape game by nature or make him love you so much that he will invite you to an amazing weekend trip… during which you can express your love by giving him an erotic show with a sexy female tourist, so close to him, he will almost be touching the both of you.

Sex Eleanor loving wife High quality sex games. Sex Game Play Eleanor is a sex game simulation of life.

wife eleanor loving

Main task of IFuck erotic game Decide if you are going to be faithful to your husband or use sex to your advantage to climb the corporate ladder.

Story Your name is Eleanor loving wife and … To put it delicately… You are not the most loving wife on the planet. All Games living, Premium Sex Games.

News:Feb 24, - Her name is Eleanor and.. she is not the most loving wife on the planet. Of course, she is insanely beautiful and charming, so almost any man.

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